Alternativtext Das Bild zeigt Resilience-Typen und ist einer Veröffentlichung des Lehrstuhles für Raumentwicklung entnommen (Chair of Spatial Development, Faculty of Enviromental Science: Resilience as an operational framework to cope with uncertainty and change in the city-region. January, 2011.). © Schiappacasse/ Strugale 2011


Bernhard Müller and his team worked in a variety of research projects during the past years, mostly connected to his function as the Director of IOER. Currently, the senior professorship carries out research work in a large international research and innovation action project funded by the European Union (TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA) where Bernhard Müller is at the same time the project director. Moreover, there are also other mainly international research activities, carried out by the team members of the senior professorship.

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