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Fahrzeugachshydropulser © TUD Fahrzeugachshydropulser © TUD


Functional Description

The Road-Load-Simulator was developed for vibration tests on vehicle axles. In its current state of construction, it is capable of accommodating a complete vehicle axle including body attachment elements and applying loads to the wheel carriers in three spatial directions in each case. The force application points can be located to the wheel center or the tire contact point by using a wheel replacement system. The load is provided by hydraulic servo cylinders. The test rig can be operated position controlled and partially force controlled. In addition to harmonic signals up to approx. 45Hz (position controlled), any signal curves (road files) can also be displayed. Various force, displacement and acceleration measuring systems in several measuring ranges are available for load determination. The application of strain gauges can also be made.

Field of Research

  • static and dynamic characteristic development
  • Determination of the dynamic transmission behavior of components and entire vehicle axles
  • Load data determination


Test Rig Documentation


Kay Büttner © TU Dresden

Research Associate


Mr Dr.-Ing. Kay Büttner


Contact Information
Organization Name

Chair of Automobile Engineering

Chair of Automobile Engineering

Address work

Visitor Address:

Jante-Bau, JAN 22-A George-Bähr-Straße 1c

01069 Dresden

work Tel.
+49 351 463-32445
fax Fax
+49 351 463-37066

Future Extensions

  • Future construction:

  • Extensions to enable steering movement
  • Extensions to enable camber moment
  • Extension for control technology
    • Load data iteration
    • Kinematics and Compliance-measurements
    • HiL-applications

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