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The encyclopaedia is - in its present state - the result of research and investigation by Dr. Anke Napp (Hamburg). It was created in 1996 out of the desire to provide interested parties and colleagues with articles on as many aspects of the Knights Templar as possible, from individual religious houses and outstanding members, to spirituality, criticism and afterlife, to the notorious trial. Sources and further reading in various languages offer the possibility of further research of one's own. Reviews not only of specialist literature but also of current TV series or computer games show the influence of the Templar motif in our modern pop culture.
Since 2003, the encyclopaedia has been available online, which has allowed its constant updating, expansion with new articles, photos, a link to original sources in archives and unlimited access worldwide. Some independent researchers have contributed to individual articles over the course of time.

Here you can find information on individual events from the Order's history, on special persons, places and myths associated with the Knights Templar. Attached to each article is a bibliography with the sources of the text and further reading.

Under Publications you can read selected research results in full text.

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