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to the examinations this semester:

  • For "Grundlagen juristischen Arbeitens" please think of the BGB!
  • For the exam "Erb- und Familienrecht" a non-programmable pocket calculator may be allowed in addition to the obligatory BGB.    
  • For the examinations "Unternehmensrecht II" the lecture-relevant legal texts (such as HGB) are to be brought along in an admissible legal collection to be taken from the Hilfsmittelbekanntmachung of the faculty.   
  • For "Europäisches Privatrecht", an approved European Law collection (in particular EUV, TFEU) and the BGB are obligatory.

 Printouts of these laws are not allowed!

Your chair team wishes you much success!

The Repetitorium for the Repeat Clause Erb- und Familienrecht on 31.07.2019 will take place on the following three dates. Please try to be present on all dates!

1. meeting: Tuesday, the 25.06.2019, 9:20-12:40, in GER 355.

2.metting: Tuesday, the 9.07.2019, 9:20-12:40, in GER 355.

3. metting: Wendsday, the 10.07.2019, 13-16:20, in GER 355.

The lecture notes for the lectures by Prof. Dr. Schanbacher in SS 19 can be found under OPAL-Link under study> teaching events.

The office will be open on Mo., Tues. and Thur. from 9 to 11:30 and from 12:30 to 14:30.

Gerber-Bau © Susanne Busse Gerber-Bau © Susanne Busse

© Susanne Busse