Komplexpraktikum Kryptographie und Datensicherheit



Using selected examples, students get an introduction into cryptography and data security based on cryptography. Some examples show insecurities of crypto-protocols, which result from naive use of crypto-systems. RSA, the most well known public-key cryptosystem, serves as the main example. The multiplicative property of RSA on the one hand makes lots of protocols, which can be found in the literature, insecure, but on the other hand it enables solutions to entirely new problems.

To prepare the experiments, the students get detailed scripts and do some exercises.
Then the students program the most important algorithms using a program framework, which saves them from having trouble with less interesting peripheral programming work.
The experiments are finished by a discussion about the results.



Course of studies

Diplom Informatik (Hauptstudium, 5th Semester and above),
Diplom Medieninformatik (Hauptstudium, 5th Semester and above),
Bachelor Informatik (INF-B-510, INF-B-520)
Bachelor Medieninformatik (INF-B-530, INF-B-540)
Master/Diplom Informatik (INF-MA-PR Masterpraktikum)
Master Medieninformatik (INF-E-4 Master-Praktikum Medieninformatik)
Lehramtsbezogener Master (INF-LA20)

Kinds of teaching

Komplexpraktikum (4 SWS)


basic knowledge in Data Security / Privacy

Form of the examination

Part of a combined examination;
Successful completion of all exercises; Bachelor: Successful completion of all exercises and examination

Time and Location

  • Montag, 2. und 3. DS, APB/E040
  • erste Veranstaltung: 10. Oktober 2016

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  • Attacks on classical cipher algorithms
  • Symmetric block ciphers
  • Number theoretic algorithms
  • Asymmetric encryption systems
  • Digital signature systems
  • Cryptography based on discrete logarithm
  • Basics in steganography
  • The MIX-Net
  • The DC-Net
  • Zero-Knowledge-Protocols

Teaching Material...