Photo of a bubble column in the X-ray tomograph ROFEX at HZDR with the Chair of the professorship and 2 employees © HZDR Pressure tank at the TOPFLOW facility at HZDR © HZDR/Rainer Weisflog

Introduction of the Chair

Modern medical diagnostics, materials research and many basic research disciplines would be unthinkable without modern imaging technologies. High speed video cameras, thermography, electron microscopy, ultrasound imaging and computed tomography are prominent examples of this. The physical and technical complexity of such imaging techniques as well as the many specific operation conditions in industrial processes demand a profound multidisciplinary understanding, which is imparted in the academic studies. The research and development being carried out by the Chair creates new scientific and technical fundamentals for a broad employment of known and new imaging techniques in process diagnostics.

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Photo of a wire-mesh sensor © HZDR