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Chair of Inorganic Chemistry II

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The Chair for Inorganic Chemistry II

Approximately 25 employees in research and teaching work on the professorship.
The research areas in inorganic solid state chemistry are
- Energy-efficient low-temperature synthesis of metallic materials,
- Innovative material concepts for nanotechnology and molecular electronics, and
- "Exotic novelties" with exceptional characteristics.

The following courses are offered in the Bachelor's degree course in chemistry or in the course of studies in food chemistry:
Chemistry of the main group elements (module BA-CH-ACI) and
Inorganic solid state chemistry (module BA-CH-ACII).
Several modules are offered in the Master 's degree course in chemistry:
MA-CH-MRC07 Solid state chemistry,
MA-CH-MRC09 Advanced inorganic chemistry, and
MA-CH-MRBO03 Crystal structure determination.


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