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Chair of Structural Physics of Condensed Matter

Welcome to the Chair of Structural Physics of Condensed Matter of Prof. Dr. Christian Schroer at Technische Universität Dresden!

Our main fields of research are the following:
X-ray microscopy
X-ray tomography
X-ray lenses


13.04.2013 'Ultra-short exposure time: x-ray laser makes movement of atoms observable' (SPIEGEL-ONLINE-article, German)

With the aid of x-ray lenses, we focussed the x-ray laser beam of the free-electron laser LCLS (SLAC, California) and characterized the spatial wavefield with ptychography. (Scientific publication) Due to the extremely short exposure time of 50 fs, the movement of atoms in solid material could be recorded.

26.07.2012 'DESY light source PETRA III now has the world's sharpest X-ray eyes Scanning X-ray microscope reaches record resolution of 10 nanometres' (DESY-press release)

The scanning x-ray microscope was build by our group in cooperation with DESY-scientists at beamline P06 at DESY. Now it is open to be used by other groups, too, for high-resolution imaging.

Please find the original scientific publication here.

29.10.2011 In the joint project "X-Ray Diagnostics for Space" with the European Space Agency (ESA), a compact x-ray microradiograph for in-situ imaging of solidification processes has been build and tested successfully in our institute in Dresden.

Here are the now released findings.

15.08.2011 GPU-computing used for ptychography evaluation:
First results of CUDA-programming used for big data volumes like ptychography experiments are published.

Next winter term (2011/12), there will be given a lecture about GPU-programming at the Faculty of Computer Science we like to recommend to all who have to handle time-consuming calculations.

More information to CUDA Research Center Program can be found here.

16.-18.03.2011 Study trip "German Synchrotron (DESY)" in Hamburg:
Here are some first photos.
02.11.2010 The installation of our x-ray microscope at the new synchrotron (Petra III, DESY) in Hamburg is in its final phase.
30.09.2010: Press release (in German):
New x-ray microscope provides a non-destructive insight to the interior of microchips.
24.07.2010 The research in the field of ptychography produces first results.

Our group originated at Aachen University, where refractive optics for hard x rays and their applications in x-ray microscopy and micro-analysis are being developed since 1996.

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Author: Chair of Structural Physics of Condensed Matter (with News)



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