Das Bild zeigt einen Ausschnitt aus einer studentischen Arbeit zur Landschaftswahrnehmung. Dargestellt ist eine Skizze zu Landschaftselementen. © Viktoria Böhm

The professorship introduces itself

The professorship is concerned with the development and design of landscapes in unsettled and settled areas. Particularly valuable landscapes are in the focus as well as everyday landscapes, urban as well as rural cultural landscapes. The scales of observation show a wide range from the regional and supra-regional to the communal and object-related planning level. Landscape is always understood in its entirety: as an area perceived as such by humans, whose character is the result of the interaction of natural as well as anthropogenic factors (Article 1 of the European Landscape Convention). In this respect, it is important to explore both the natural and the social conditional structures of landscapes... to learn how to read landscapes... to make well-founded decisions about what should be preserved and what should be changed... and to think up and implement creative ideas and projects for future landscape development!

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Wichtige Themen im Überblick

Foto aus dem Kaukasus mit einer Bank an einem Rastplatz © Romy Hanke