Education (Prof. Dr. E. Worch, Dr. H. Börnick, Dr. A. Albers)

  •     Lecture Basics of Hydrochemistry (in German, study course chemistry)
  •     Lecture Hydrochemistry (in German, study course hydro sciences)
  •     Lecture Hydrochemistry (in English)
  •     Lecture Water Constituents (in German)
  •     Lecture Water Treatment (in German)
  •     Lecture Water Analytics (in German)
  •     Lecture Water Quality und Water Treatment (in English)
  •     Practical Water Treatment
  •     Practical Water Analytics
  •     Practical Hydrochemistry
  •     Exercises Modelling in Water Chemistry

Research Topics

  •     Analytical determination and assessment of water constituents
  •     Development of analytical methods
  •     Water treatment (drinking water, wastewater)
  •     Modelling of adsorption processes
  •     Behaviour and fate of chemicals in aquatic systems
  •     Bank filtration as pre-treatment option in drinking water treatment
  •     Relevance of organic water constituents with regard to water treatment and water quality 

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