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Welcome at the Chair of Transport Ecology

The Chair of Transport Ecology at the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences "Friedrich List"has been established in 1994. It was the first chair in the field of transport and environment at a German university. According to its official dedication "the chair has to contribute to reducing the impact of transportation on the environment".

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Getting an overview

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Chair's assignment

According to its dedication the chair's assignment is to reduce transport's negative impacts on the environment. Thereby, we are primarily working in the following fields:

  • Estimating environmental stress caused by transport: Measuring and modeling emissions of air pollutants, noise and CO2; emission factors of vehicles, driving patterns as well as traffic situations; energy consumption, energy flow modeling and cumulated energy input
  • Monetization of environmental impacts: valuation methods, monetization approaches and measures for internalization
  • Concept development and assessment of measures reducing environmental stress: action approaches for various actors and levels as well as their implementation; foot and bicycle traffic, public transport and local accessibility, climate protection strategies
  • Mobility and covering of needs: Which mobility needs can be covered by which efforts, which are not covered? Mobility-induced social exclusion
  • Public awareness and information: Guideline development, teaching materials, information or training concepts; sustainable transport development, transport in developing countries

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