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Chair of Economics, esp International Economics

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Chair of International Economics

The Chair of International Economics has been vacant since October 1, 2018. 

Prof. Dr. Udo Kreickemeier was Professor of the Chair of International Economics until September 2018. He has been appointed professor of the Chair of International Economics at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen since October 2018.
In the winter term 2018/19 the research assistants Dr. Zhan Qu and Fabrice Naumann, M. Sc. offer the lectures "Economics of Multinational Enterprises" and "International Trade and Theory" .
In the summer term 2019 Dr. Michael Koch will be deputy head of the Chair of International Economics.
There is a close cooperation between
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Richter, assistant professor of the professorship International Economic Policy and the Chair of International Economics.

Information on teaching
The Chair of International Economics offers lectures and seminars covering many different aspects of economic globalization. At the undergraduate level, we offer two different lectures: “International Trade: Theory and Policy” which focuses on topics related to the internationalization of goods markets, whereas “Open Economy Macroeconomics” focuses on financial markets. For graduate students, the core lecture we offer is “Advanced International Trade”, giving an in-depth overview of classical and modern theories for the explanation of international trade. In addition, there are two lectures focusing on the role of individual firms in the global economy, namely “Economics of Multinational Enterprises” and “Global Organisation of Production”. The teaching portfolio is rounded off by seminars on specific topics in International Economics at the undergraduate and graduate level, and by a lecture “Economics of Regional Integration”, designated for graduate students in the International Relations program.

Research areas
Current research projects focus on the distributional effects of globalisation, on internationalisation of production and on the effects of international trade on the environment.

Career Options for Graduates
An academic degree in Economics can be the foundation of a great many careers in the private or public sector. Successful applicants at all levels (whether with an undergraduate, a graduate or a doctoral degree) are typically able to show evidence for in-depth knowledge of modern economic theory and modern empirical methods. The courses mentioned above are designed to help in forming such a profile.

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