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Professur für Englische Sprache und Literatur und ihre Didaktik

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The purview of the Chair comprises teaching and learning processes of foreign languages exemplified by the English Language. As Chair dealing with teaching methodology, a special focus is put on teaching and learning under institutional circumstances – i.e. school, but also adult education – without, however, excluding insights from (foreign) language acquisition processes beyond institutional contexts which are more frequent in our living environments. In English this area is called ELT (English Language Teaching), EFL (English as a Foreign Language). ESP (English for Special Purposes), TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) respectively Language Teaching Pedagogy / Methodology. Content-wise emphases at TU Dresden are put on digital media, foreign language teaching on primary level, foreign languages at university and language tests. The latter also includes the project UNIcert® which coordinates and accredits foreign language training and certification programmes home to universities on a national as well as on a European level.