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The main objective of the language learning seminars is to help students develop all their English language skills to the standard of a well-educated, "near native" speaker. As all classes in this department run in English, a high standard of written and spoken English is required in the first semester and students are expected to refine and perfect their language skills during their studies.
The language learning seminars aim to provide students with a systematic programme, which produces continuous and effective improvement in the standard of all motivated students. Our Bachelor/Master and State Exam programmes develop the student’s command of English in 4 areas:

  • language components:     Pronunciation and Intonation, Grammar, Vocabulary.
  • language skills:                Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • context-based courses:    Classroom English, Theatre Workshop, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, JABS Magazine, Error Analysis, CALL
  • language applications:     Translation (German into English) and Advanced Essay Writing

Note: the following pages are only available in English.