This photograph shows an employee who fills powder into a ball-mill of pilot plant size. © P. Peuker, Fraunhofer IKTS Closed view of a piezoceramic actuator. The device is set up from many ceramic fibres, arranged in a resin matrix, being milled into a in meandering pattern. © P. Peuker, Fraunhofer IKTS

Development of High-Performance Ceramic Materials

The research of the ANW Chair focuses on the area of combinatorial microelectrochemistry, the development of integratable piezoelectric fibers and laminates, as well as the instrumented uniaxial pressing of powders and granules.

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Fields of research

Scanning electron microscope image of a single active material particle for lithium ion batteries. The surface of the particle is strongly rutted. © P. Peuker, Fraunhofer IKTS