Open positions

For any request, please refer to sekretariat.weigand(at)

There are open positoins for Bachelor and Master theses available:

  • Functionalization of P4-Tetrahedrons / Synthesis of Polyphosphorus-Frameworks
  • Synthesis and Application of Phosphonium Cations in Organic Reactions and Catalysis
  • Recovery of Phosphonium Cations: Improvement of Electro-Synthesis
  • Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Imidazoliumyl-Substituted Phosphorus Cations
  •   Multifunctional N,O-Ligands for the Formation of Heteronuclear Metal Complexes and Supramolecular Structures
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Metals from Used Catalysts by Extraction
  • Catalytic Transformation of Renewable Raw Materials into Olefins by Hydrocracking

Further research projects on request.

Ask for an open PhD position.

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