Bürogebäude Zellescher Weg, Dresden © Peggy Freudenberg Zentrum für Bauforschung, Schumannstraße in Dresden © Magdalena Tarkiewicz

The institute introduces itself

The IBK, Institute of Building Climatology, houses the two chairs for
• Building Physics (Prof. Dr.-Ing. John Grunewald) and
• Building Services and Climate Responsive Architecture (Dr.-Ing. Peggy Freudenberg).
The institute’s premises are in the office building Zellescher Weg (BZW, institute management and offices) and within the Construction Research Center on Georg-Schumann-Straße since its foundation in January 2016. The IBK has three primary research focuses (building material research, software development, and transfer of knowledge) and teaches several courses of study, especially for prospective architects and civil engineers.

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Key topics at a glance

IBK, Bürogebäude Zellescher Weg, Dresden © Peggy Freudenberg