Formholzquerschnitt © N. Millauer Spatially shaped end-grain board © Lothar Sprenger

Research on wood

The focus of our research is the patented technology of wood moulding. Other developments are high-performance timber structures with technical fibres, compressed laminated timber and thermally modified timber. Our objective is enhancing the load-bearing behaviour, the ductility, the durability and the material efficiency.

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Carbon fiber reinforced moulded wooden tubes © Lothar Sprenger

Research focus

The research at the Institute for Timber Engineering is focused on innovative applications of constructions made of the building and construction material wood. Both, modifications of material properties as well as the combination with textiles and fiber-reinforced plastics are investigated. These projects are in cooperation with research institutions and business enterprises from the fields of timber and wood processing, mechanical engineering as well as the textile and composite industries.
The research is currently focused on moulded wood, which was developed by and patented for us.
Other developments include high-performance timber structures with technical fibers and textiles, compressed laminated timber, moulded wood and thermally modified wood. The objective of these developments is to improve the structural behavior in particular the increase in carrying capacity, ductility and durability. Textile and fiber-reinforced molded wood profiles conserve resources and protect the environment.

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