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The Chair of Forest Zoology

The chair belongs to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is part of the Institute of Forest Botany and Forest Zoology of the Department of Forest Sciences in Tharandt.

The chair primarily offers courses for the Forest Sciences degree programme, but also participates in the study programmes of Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management, Tropical Forestry and Management as well as Landscape Architecture.

Besides basic biological processes relevant for zoology (anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution) the teaching emphasizes taxonomy, diversity and functionality of forest fauna. The focus is on native invertebrate and vertebrate groups and a causality analysis of their distribution patterns.

Research in the chair emphasizes monitoring and management of species relevant for conservation, predator-prey-relationships, diversity, succession and bioindication as well as basic research in population ecology and spatiotemporal patterns of native and non-native animal populations.

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