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Mohammed, Rahamtallah Abualgasim; Majdaldin,, ; Osunmadewa, ; Csaplovics, B. A. and; E.,, ; Aralova, D.: Remote sensing-based vegetation indices for monitoring vegetation change in the semi-arid region of Sudan. In: Proc. SPIE 9998 (2016), S. 99981X

Gebrehiwot, Worku; Csaplovics, Elmar: Identifying Categorical Land Use Transition and Land Degradation in Northwestern Drylands of Ethiopia. In: Remote Sensing (2016), Nr. 8

Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre: Monitoring of vegetation dynamics on the former military trainingarea Königsbrücker Heide using remote sensing time series. In: Proc. SPIE 10005 (2016), S. 100050Q

Osunmadewa, B. A.; Csaplovics, E.; A., R.; Majdaldin,, ; Adeofun, C. O.; Aralova, D.: Regional assessment of trends in vegetation change dynamics using principal component analysis. In: Proc. SPIE 9998 (2016), S. 99981Y

Hunger, Sebastian; Karrasch, Pierre; Wessollek, Christine: Evaluating the potential of image fusion of multispectral and radar remote sensing data for the assessment of water body structure. In: Proc. SPIE 9998 (2016), S. 999814

Aralova, Dildora; Toderich, Kristina; Jarihani, Ben; Gafurov, Dilshod; Gismatulina, Liliya; Osunmadewa, ; Abualgasim, Babatunde A. and Rahamtallah; Majdaldin,, : Environmental resilience of rangeland ecosystems: assessment droughtindices and vegetation trends on arid and semi-arid zones of CentralAsia. In: Proc. SPIE 10005 (2016), S. 100050R

Aralova, Dildora; Toderich, Kristina; Jarihani, Ben; Gafurov, Dilshod; Gismatulina, Liliya: Monitoring of vegetation condition using the NDVI/ENSO anomaliesin Central Asia and their relationships with ONI (very strong) phases. In: Proc. SPIE 10005 (2016), S. 1000512

Höfler, Veit; Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre: Knowledge-based modelling of historical surfaces using lidar data. In: Proc. SPIE 10005 (2016), S. 100050G

Höfler, Veit; Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre: Modellierung historischer Oberflächen und prähistorischer Landschaftenauf Grundlage hochauflösender Geländemodelle. In: AGIT ‒ Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, 2-2016 (2016)

Csaplovics, Elmar: The Emergence of Early Regional Maps of Hungary and their Influence on the Mercator maps of Hungary . In: A World of Innovation, Cartography in the Time of Gerhard Mercator (2015), S. 84–111

Zewdie, Worku; Csaplovics, Elmar: Remote Sensing based multi-temporal land cover classification and change detection in northwestern Ethiopia. In: European Journal of Remote Sensing 48 (2015), S. 121–139

Höfler, Veit; Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre: Modelling prehistoric terrain Models using LiDAR-data: a geomorphological approach. In: Proc. SPIE 9644 (2015), S. 96440B

Gottsmann, Philipp; Wessollek, Christine: Einfluss und Auswirkung verschiedener Methoden des Pansharpening auf die multispektrale Klassifikation. In: AGIT - Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik 1 (2015)

Osunmadewa, Babatunde A.; Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre: Linear and segmented linear trend detection for vegetation cover using GIMMS normalized difference vegetation index data in semiarid regions of Nigeria. In: Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 9 (2015), Nr. 1

Wessollek, Christine; Karrasch, Pierre; Osunmadewa, Babatunde: Introducing a rain-adjusted vegetation index (RAVI) for improvement of long-term trend analyses in vegetation dynamics. In: Proc. SPIE 9644 (2015), S. 96440M

Taha, M.E.; Eamin, H.M.A.; Siddig, M.E.; Deafalla, T.H.H.: Valuation of Environmental Role of Acacia senegal Tree in Gum Belt of Kordofan and Blue Nile Sectors, Sudan. In: Tropentag 2014 International Conference, Agricultural development within the rural-urban continuum, 17-19 September, Prague, Czech Republic. (2014)

Zewdie, Worku; Csaplovics, Elmar: Monitoring land use/land cover dynamics in northwestern Ethiopia using support vector machine. In: Proceeding of SPIE, Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications 92450 (2014)

Delunzu, Okwu-; V.U.,, ; Chukwu, K.E.; Onyia, W.O.; Nwagbara, A.O.; Osunmadewa, Babatunde Adeniyi: Identification of Soil Erosion Types in Nyaba River Basin of Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Techniques. In: 2nd Annual International Conference on Geo-Informatics in Resource Management \& Sustainable Ecosystem October 3-5, 2014, Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA (2014)

Osunmadewa, Babatunde Adeniyi; Wessollek, Christine: Detection of Seasonal Trends in Vegetation Cover in Kogi State: Guinea Savannah Region of Nigeria Using Time Series MODIS NDVI Data. In: Geospatial Innovation for Society (2014)

Inostroza, L.: Ecological materialism: recovering a philosophic understanding of urban phenomenon as key driver in current global environmental crisis (Oral Presentation). In: Portuguese Congress of Philosophy, Lisboa, Portugal. (2014)

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