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Mr Dr. Thomas Petzoldt

limnology, ecological modelling

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Institute of Hydrobiology

Institute of Hydrobiology

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Drude-Bau, room 72a Zellescher Weg 40

01217 Dresden

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Technische Universität Dresden Department Hydrosciences
Institute of Hydrobiology

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Technische Universität Dresden Institute of Hydrobiology Sekretariat, 1.OG Raum 60/61 Zellescher Weg 40

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+49 351 463-34954
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+49 351 463-37108


  • Ecological systems analysis, modelling and statistics
  • Limnological field courses, ecology of aquatic organisms

Research Interests

  • Ecological modelling and statistical data analysis
  • Phytoplankton, cyanobakteria, zooplankton, macrozoobenthos
  • Eutrophication, sediment-water-interaction, antibiotica resistance
  • Lakes, reservoirs, streams, laboratory systems
  • Systems understanding and development of modelling tools
  • more about me on my personal homepage ...

List of publications

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Kneis, David; Petzoldt, Thomas; Berendonk, Thomas U: An R-package to boost fitness and life expectancy of environmental models. In: Environmental Modelling and Software 96 (2017), S. 123–127

Sikora, Anna B.; Petzoldt, Thomas; Dawidowicz, Piotr; Elert, Eric von: Demands of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in Daphnia: are they dependent on body size? In: Oecologia 182 (2016), S. 405–417

vanGerven, L. P. A.; Brederveld, R. J.; Klein, J. J. M. de; DeAngelis, D. L.; Downing, A. S.; Faber, M.; Gerla, D. J.; tHoen, J.; Janse, J. H.; Janssen, A. B. G.; Jeuken, M.; Kooi, B. W.; Kuiper, J. J.; Lischke, B.; Liu, S.; Petzoldt, T.; Schep, S. A.; Teurlincx, S.; Thiange, C.; Trolle, D.; Nes, E. H. van; Mooij, W. M.: Advantages of concurrent use of multiple software frameworks in water quality modelling using a database approach. In: Fundamental and Applied Limnology 186 (2015), S. 5–20

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Sachse, R.; Petzoldt, T.; Blumstock, M.; Moreira, S.; Pätzig, M.; Rücker, J.; Janse, J. H.; Mooij, W. M.; Hilt, S.: Extending one-dimensional models for deep lakes to simulate the impact of submerged macrophytes on water quality. In: Environmental Modelling and Software 61 (2014), S. 410–423

Jäschke, Kathrin; Petzoldt, Thomas; Wagner, Annekatrin; Berendonk, Thomas .U.; Sachse, René; Hegewald, Tilo; Paul, Lothar: Wie zeigt sich der Klimawandel in den deutschen Talsperren. In: WasserWirtschaft 05 (2013), S. 32–35

Slavik, I; Uhl, W; Skibinski, B; Rolinski, S; Petzoldt, T; Benndorf, J; Scheifhacken, N; Paul, L; Funke, M; Lohr, H; J., Völker; D., Borchardt: A decision support procedure for integrative management of dammed raw water reservoirs. In: Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 13 (2013), Nr. 2

Wagner, Annekatrin; Hülsmann, Stephan; Paul, Lothar; Paul, Rüdiger J.; Petzoldt, Thomas; Sachse, René; Schiller, Thomas; Zeis, Bettina; Benndorf, Jürgen; Berendonk, Thomas U.: A phenomenological approach shows a high coherence of warming patterns in dimictic aquatic systems across latitude. In: Marine Biology 159 (2012), Nr. 11, S. 2543–2559

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