Simulationsergebnisse bei Pflanzenwachstum © IHM Bodenversuch mit sichtbarem Tensiometer © M. Wagner

Main Fields of Research

Climate Change impacts on the hydrologic cycle altering the occurrence probability and extend of extreme events such as droughts, torrential rain or floods. At the same time, the globally increasing population demands increasing amounts of fresh water. We consider these developments in our key areas of research, which are: "Stochastic modelling of Hydrosystems". "Development of model based solutions for a sustainable management of water resources". "Hydrology of arid regions". "Water scarcity and irrigation". "Dynamics of hydrologic processes in small watersheds". Within the frame of these work fields we closely cooperate with a number of national and international partners in, e.g., New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Oman, United Arab Emirates and, of course, Germany.

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Pegelkonstruktion in einem Wadi © N. Schütze