International Seminar on the Frontiers of Data Science at SWUFE in Chengdu (China)

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Many thanks to our friends from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu (China) for the organization of the International Seminar on the "Frontiers of Data Science" at 23 and 24 September 2018. This successful workshop, being a follow-up workshop from Dresden 2017, binds two universities TUD and SWUFE closer together. The program of the seminar lies on the edge of statistics, transportation science and economic.

List of Scientific Talks

Prof. FENG XIAO (School of Business Administration, SWUFE): Day-to-day Flow Dynamics for Stochastic User Equilibrium and A General Lyapunov Function.

Prof. OSTAP OKHRIN (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): Flexible HAR Model for Realized Volatility.

Prof. HUI XIAO (School of Statistics, SWUFE): Ranking and Selection with Input Uncertainty

Prof. GEORG HIRTE (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): International Trade, Geographic Heterogeneity and Interregional Inequality.

Prof. XUERONG CHEN (School of Statistics, SWUFE): Integrated Powered Density: Screening Ultrahigh Dimensional Covariates with Survival Outcomes.

Prof. REGINE GERIKE (Institute of Transport Planning and Road Traffic, TUD): Travel Behavior in Urban Areas: Data, Methods, Findings.

Prof. BERNHARD SCHIPP (Institute of Business and Economics, TUD): Time Dependent Return Distributions, Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Dynamics and the Tsallis Entropy.

Prof. MENGMENG GUO (Institute of Economics and Management, SWUFE): Does Air Pollution Affect Stock Returns? Evidence from China.

Prof. XIULI SUN (School of Statistics, SWUFE): Firm-level Human Capital and Innovation: Evidence from China.

JIA ZAHNG (School of Statistics, SWUFE): High Dimensional Elliptical Sliced Inverse Regression in non-Gaussian Distributions.

STEFANIE LÖSCH (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): Measuring Regional Environmental Awareness by Using Internet Query Data.

STEPHAN HOCKE (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): Optimize the Optimization – Parameter Tuning of a Stochastically Metaheuristic.

DONG YANG (School of Statistics, SWUFE): A Misspecification Test for the Higher Order Comoments of the Factor Model.

MANUEL SCHMID (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): Estimating Higher Moments with High Frequency Returns.

SOPHIE HÄSE (Institute of Transport and Economics, TUD): The Impact of Unexpected and Recurring Flooding Events on House Prices.

MINKE WANG (School of StatisticsSWUFE): Modelling and Solving the Location Inventory Problem with Stochastic Demand Considering Carbon Cap-and-Trade.

We are very grateful to the Vice President of the SWUFE, Prof. Daimin Shi, and the Dean of the School of Statistics, Prof. Jianjun Guo, for their warm hospitality and the social program that went inline with science.

The workshop has made new research relationships possible and deepen already existing collaborations.

We are looking forward to welcoming our friends to Dresden in 2020 where we plan to present joint projects arisen from this cooperation!

Some impressions of the workshop can be found here.

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