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Science & Technology

Internationally competitive life science research requires access to state-of-the-art equipment run by highly specialized staff. The joint use of these resources and the available professional expertise allows synergy effects, supports knowledge- and technology-transfer and ensures the economic utilization of equipment.

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Key Topics at a Glance

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Research Projects for the Technology Platform

The BIOTEC technology platform is now part of the CMCB technology platform. BIOTEC supports this through an application-oriented research project (Molecular Bioengineering of Proteins, Cells and Tissues - No. 100344812) and a research infrastructure improvement project (Modern Research Infrastructure for Molecular Bioengineering of Proteins, Cells and Tissues - No. 100347528), both funded by the EFRE initiative of the European Union and the Free State of Saxony. Within this framework, the CMCB TP CFs Mass Spectrometry, Electron Microscopy and Histology, Lightmicroscopy, and Microstructure are funded.