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Our chair cooperates with strong partners worldwide

Coining for the Chair's profile are academic teaching and research, particularly in the international context and in close cooperation with countries in- and outside Europe as well as the acquisition of scientific studies for a scientific monitoring of educational development world-wide. This focuses - in close cooperation with the other Chaírs of the IBBD - on all fields of vocational and continuous education and deals with staff development of curricula and staff for vocational education and training and higher educational. Due to this unique combination Dresden University of Technology is able to offer advanced and highly competitive research and development dealing with media in vocational education. This includes:
1. Profiling and evaluation of special conditions of vocational education, including training of vocational education management staff

2. Development and operation of any kind of media service for vocational education, including state of the art E-Learning facilities often advacing international standards

3. Providing internationally experienced staff with degrees in the field of vocational education research (M.A. „Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building”) from both a developing countries’ university and Dresden University of Technology.

Besides Prof. Koehler was and is lecturing at a number of academic institutions worldwide, among them the University of Bergen (Norway), the Yogyakarta State University (Indonesia); the Beijing Institute of Technology (China) and the Catholic Pedagogical College Linz (Austria) and the Université de Strasbourg (France).

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Overview of important topics

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