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Its a watercolor picture. Bright colors form a color spectrum. The colors blend seamlessly into the next one. In the picture there are the labels IL1, IL2 and IL3 and ILn arranged in ascending order. The labels are connected with golden arrows. © Juliane Flade

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Sekretariat Frau Constanze Dörr

Final theses (BA, MA, STEX) - Oral STEX examinations

Prerequisites for the supervision of final theses (BA, MA, STEX) and for taking the oral state examination are
- at least two successfully (= graded) completed courses in DaF/DaZ (at TU Dresden or at other institutions) at the time of the request
- official registration of the thesis or examination after confirmation of an examiner.

Further information on the oral state examinations and final theses (BA, MA, STEX) can be found here: