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Chair of Circuit Design and Network Theory

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Overview of the Professorship

The Professorship for Circuit Design and Network Theory was founded in August 2006. It is dedicated to the design and modeling of integrated circuits in CMOS, BiCMOS and III/V technologies, as well as emerging "beyond moore" nano-technologies, e.g. those based on carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires and organic as well as polymeric devices.

The focus is on analysis and design of analog and mixed-signal circuits. Other areas of work include the design of FPGA, PCBs and hybrid assemblies, digital signal processing and algorithms for complete information systems. Applications include high-frequency systems, wireless communication from low-frequency-range up to 220 GHz, optical data transmission up to 80 Gbit/s, high-precision positioning systems, energy-adaptive systems with intelligent, dynamic control and wake-up features as well as energy harvesting. In addition, the professorship has experience in the development and optimization of high-end audio systems and speakers.

Currently, the professorship offers four lectures, an advanced seminar and a laboratory course in the field of circuit design and network theory.

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