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SpiNNaker2-competition: Announcement of winners

In beginning of February the Jury met to select the two best out of 15 proposals.

The SpiNNaker2 Award is given to:

Emre Neftci and Tim Lui from UC Irvine with the propsal "Event-Based Multiple Object Tracking on a Neuromorphic Accelerator"

and to

Applied Brain Research around Chris Eliasmith from Waterloo with the proposal
"Real-time Visual Odometry for Autonomous Flight Control using SpiNNaker2"

Both projects will be funded for one year with a budget of 40k Euro each. Congratulations!

The Jury headed by Prof. Christian Mayr and Prof. Steve Furber further announces that the Jury had a hard job to select the two winners due to the high quality and exciting ideas of the received proposals.
The other applicants are thus highly encouraged to resubmit their ideas to the SpiNNaker2-Award in the next year.

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