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Summerschool on Smart-X

ISP Summerschool on Smart-X

Summerschool on Smart-X © V

We are teaching at the International Interdisciplinary Summerschool on the Privacy of Smart-X in Nijmegen (coorganized by the 5GLab Germany), alongside a group of really amazing teachers with great students (and organizers!).

The summerschool looks at the upcoming situation of the entire ubiquity of connected electronic sensors and the resulting change from information sharing to the electronic visibility of humanity.

The other teachers include Eleni Kosta, who from her legal perspective introduced the upcoming European Data Protection Regulations, Claudia Diaz, who discussed the applicability of privacy enhancing technologies to the IoT scenario, Bibi van den Berg, who volunteered her very interdisciplinary background and suggested to take things offline, or at least isolate the devices from each other, and Hadi Ashgari who discussed the economic view on how the incentives need to be realigned in order to make sure technology serves humanity rather than the inverse. Linnet Taylor extended the discussion of processing data of individuals to the processing of data, and hence the privacy expectations of groups of individuals (not only but also minorities), and Charles Raab sketching ideas of how the actors in development projects could be made aware of deviating assumption sets. Andrea Mathwyshyn gave an overview of cybersecurity disasters that have already happened, and how they are increasingly getting closer to having effect on actual human health and well-being and Robin Mansell will talk about the difficulties of holding anybody accountable for cyber incidents.

Thorsten Strufe spoke about the extent, to which Social-X, be it social networking systems, mobile social apps, or social media in general, actually influences the electronic visibility of individuals (the slides are available for download here).

Amazing observations are that all teachers and organizers emphasize how they support new technologies and progress, and how involved and committed all the students are!

It's an honor to participate and getting the chance to learn from and discuss with such amazing scholars!


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