Seminar (SS 2014)

Biology and Mathematics of Vascular Development




Blood vessel networks are among the most prominent examples of tissue patterns. Understanding the principles and mechanisms behind vascular patterning is a fundamental problem of developmental biology as well as for biomedicine and tissue engineering. Vascular patterning is a multifaceted process involving biochemical signaling, mechanical processes as well as cell collective behaviors. Mathematical modeling and computer simulations are used to unravel key mechanisms and explore new biological concepts and hypotheses. Increasingly, models are combined with quantitative data from wet‐lab experiments to provide testable predictions.
In the seminar, we review key mathematical models of vascular development and focus on recent advances of quantitative modeling in the field. By means of talks and discussions, participants are introduced to a highly interdisciplinary application field. The seminar is intended for graduates in physics, mathematics, computer science and biology.

Flyer  with the Objective of the seminar.

  • Time: 4 Monday afternoons 13.00-15.15: 26.05, 02.06, 30.06, 07.07
    Kickoff meeting and distribution of talks April 28, 14.00-15.00, INF-1096
  • Location 26.05: INF-1096, Computer Science Dept. of TU Dresden at Nöthnitzer Str. 46
  • Location 02.06, 30.06, 07.07: INF-2101, Computer Science Dept. of TU Dresden at Nöthnitzer Str. 46
  • Program
  • Organizers:
    Alvaro Köhn‐Luque, Water de Back, Oleksandr Ostrenko, Andreas Deutsch, ZIH, TU Dresden  
  • Contact: Andreas Deutsch, Tel. 463-31943

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