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The Bottom-Up Way: Building From The Nanoscale

The introduction and improvement of scanning probe techniques has disclosed, since few years, the single-molecule domain. Experiments, considered till recently unthinkable, are now routine for many laboratories. It is possible, e.g., to measure the electric current flowing through an atomic contact, a single small aromatic molecule or even through a short DNA oligomer. Also it is possible to study the force with which a kinesin protein is pulling a cargo on a microtubule track. Our chair focusses on the multiscaling understanding of "complex nano materials"; from single molecular systems to bottom-up rich aggregates. The convergence of expertise from different disciplines (mostly physics, chemistry and biology) and the adoption of both theoretical and experimental investigation tools provide us with powerful instruments. In this way we can at best explore (mostly bioinspired) complex supramolecular materials from their uni-molecular scale constituents to large scale networking.

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