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Overview of most important topics


The Institute for Physiological Chemistry strives to offer an attractive, innovative and sound teaching curriculum to our medical students and aims at performing research at an internationally recognized and competitive level. Several groups contribute to this challenge with their projects that deal with both, problems of basic science and of medical application. 

Two focal points in the department are signaling in various cell types of the hematopoietic system (Jessberger) and the biology and biochemistry of germ cells (Kriegel, Jessberger).  Other topics include bone-implant interactions and bone regeneration based on stem cells (Hempel), lung alveolar cell differentiation (Koslowski), as well as hexokinase modification and function in yeast (Kriegel).  A wide spectrum of methods – biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, imaging, immunology, and animal techniques – are being employed to enhance our scientific understanding in these areas.

Reaching out, the Department is represented within the SFB655  (Collaborative Research Center "From Cells to Tissues"), within the DFG Research Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), and the Dresden International Graduate School DIGS-BB.

Further, the department runs a FACS facility open to trained users from all over the campus and beyond.



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Medizinische Fakultät Carl Gustav Carus
Institut für Physiologische Chemie, MTZ, 1.OG, Raum A.10.046
Fiedlerstraße 42

01307 Dresden


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Medizinische Fakultät Carl Gustav Carus
Institut für Physiologische Chemie
Fetscherstraße 74

01307 Dresden


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