FACS Facility

The Institute of Physiological Chemistry has installed and operates a FACS facility to the benefit of the Dresden research community. The facility features three top-of-the-art machines:

two Becton Dickinson FACSAria sorter and a Becton Dickinson LSR II analyzer.


Institute for Physiological Chemistry, MTZ Building, Room B.10.001b, Institute for Immunology, MTZ, Room B.10.019.



          4 lasers: 633 nm (red), 488 nm (blue), 405 nm (violet), 355 nm (UV)
          12 fluorescence and 1 side scatter detector, 1 forward scatter diode detector.
          RFP, GFP, YFP enabled
          20.000 particles/second acquisition mode

          3 lasers: 633 nm (red), 488 nm (blue), 405 nm (violet)

          Auto-calibration and -compensation, automatic adjustment of drop-delay.
          10 fluorescence detectors and 1 side scatter detector, 1 forward scatter
          diode detector (12 parameters).
          Up to 4-way sorting (4 separate cell populations simultaneously).
          Up to 70.000 particle per second sortable (depending on parameters)

          Cell sorts into tissue culture plates (6-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well) of defined    numbers of events (from 1 cell until your well is full).
          Temperature-controlled collection device.

          3 nozzle sizes: 100 µm, 85 µm, 70 µm, which allow you to sort cells of different sizes.

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