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Professur für Physikalische Messtechnik

"Those who are not amazed about quantum mechanics have not understood it." (LOUIS DE BROGLIE)

We are daily amazed when doing research in electron-wave optics. We investigate matter waves of electrons, which are governed by the Dirac equation. We are particularly interested in 

  • Coherence

  • Interference

  • Phase shifts by mesoscopic electrical, magnetical and mechanical fields

  • Electron scattering at atomic potentials
  • 3D structure of solids

We develop novel methods for investigating mesoscopic and atomic structures in solids with electron waves. We particularly develop and investigate the following quantitative methods:

  • elastic and inelastic Elektron Holography

  • conventional and advanced Transmission Elektron Microscopy Techniques

  • Electron Tomography of electrical, magnetical and mechanical fields  

within the Transmission Electron Microscope and  use them for material analysis.


Sekretariat Fr. Cornelia Junker

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