Joint seminar of the Timm and Vojta groups
Friday 14:50,  BZW A120, unless otherwise noted in bold

SUMMER Semester 2019

Date Speaker Topic
05.04.2019 Ganesh C. Paul

Alejandro Martín Lobos


Winter Semester 2018/19

Date Speaker Topic
16.10.2018 Charlotte Beneke
(LMU München)
Effects of a transversal magnetic field on massive Dirac systems apart from Landau levels
19.10.2018 Henri Menke
(U of Otago)
Effects of spin-orbit coupling on a superconductor with Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces

Wei Li
(Beihang U)

Exponential tensor renormalization group method and two temperature scales in the triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet
09.11.2018 Tim Kaltofen RKKY interaction on the kagome lattice
16.11.2018 Kai Litzius
(U Mainz)
Drive and temperature dependence of skyrmion dynamics
23.11.2018 Shouryya Ray

Dynamical generation of Dirac cones and quantum critical behavior in bilayer graphene

30.11.2018 Emilio Torres
(U Köln)
Non-Landau quantum criticality in Dirac systems: Emergent length scales and symmetries
04.12.2018 Mathias Scheurer
(Harvard U)
Gauge theories of fluctuating antiferromagnetism
for the cuprate superconductors
07.12.2018 Frithjof Anders
(TU Dortmund)
RKKY interaction and quantum phase transition in two impurity models
21.12.2018 S. Claus
(U North Pole)
How to rock that christmas tree!
18.01.2019 Oriana Diessel
(U Köln)
Many-body instabilities in a minimal model for Moiré flatbands from functional RG
01.02.2019 Madelynn Nayga Pseudo-Landau levels in strained antiferromagnetic magnons
Fakher Assaad
Superconductivity from the Condensation of Skyrmions in a Quantum Spin-Hall Insulator
19.03.2019 Wilhelm Krüger tba
20.03.2019 Paul Wunderlich tba

SUMMER Semester 2018

Date Speaker Topic
06.04.2018 Andy Knoll

Toni Ehmcke
Boltzmann theory for transport in Weyl semimetals
Magnetic excitations in Weyl semimetals
10.04.2018 Janna Rückert Interacting flat band Majorana modes at surfaces of non-centrosymmetric superconductors
27.04.2018 Bitan Roy

A journey through the world of spin-3/2 fermions

04.05.2018 Alexander Balatsky
Odd frequency pairing and majoronics
01.06.2018 Tobias Meng Unpaired Weyl nodes from long-ranged interactions: Fate of quantum anomalies
08.06.2018 Helmut Schultheiß
Magnon transport in spin textures
12.06.2018 Alexander Chernyshev
(UC Irvine)
Topography, mimicry, and truality on a triangular lattice
Urban Seifert Bilayer Kitaev models: Phase diagrams and novel phases
29.06.2018 Alexander Mook
(Uni Halle)
Topological magnon materials and transverse magnon transport
06.07.2018 Oleg Sushkov
(UNSW Sydney)
Nature of the spin liquid phase in lightly doped cuprate superconductors
10.07.2018 Alena Astakhova Transport properties of superconducting structures based on HgTe quantum wells
13.07.2018 Sayandip Ghosh Charge-spin response and collective excitations in Weyl Semimetals
17.07.2018 Moritz Schneider Entanglement spreading in a harmonic chain
20.07.2018 Konstantinos Ladovrechis
(IFW Dresden)
Anomalous Floquet topological crystalline insulators
21.09.2018 Jens Bardarson
(KTH Stockholm)
Landau levels, Bardeen polynomials and Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals: the who's who of the chiral anomaly
28.09.2018 Markus Drescher
Theory of inelastic tunneling spectroscopy in superconductors

Winter Semester 2017/18

Date Speaker Topic
10.10.2017 Falko Pientka
(Harvard University)
Transport phenomena of neutral excitations in interacting 2d systems
13.10.2017 Dominik Straßel
(Uni Kaiserslautern)
Phase transitions in fixed dimensions and in the vicinity of a dimensional crossover

Eugene Kogan
(Bar-Ilan University)

Spin-anisotropic magnetic impurity in a Fermi gas: Integration of poor man’s scaling equations
27.10.2017 Alena Astakhova
(Uni Würzburg)
Band structure and transport properties of HgTe quantum wells
03.11.2017 Gergő Roósz
Dynamics of one-dimensional quantum systems
10.11.2017 Lukas Janssen A fermionic gauge theory for bosonic deconfined criticality
01.12.2017 Ipsita Mandal
Critical Fermi Surface: UV/IR mixing and Superconducting Instability
08.12.2017 Thomas Vojta
(Missouri S&T)
Quantum phase transitions and disorder: Griffiths singularities, infinite randomness, and smearing
12.12.2017 Bogusz Bujnowski
(Donostia International Physics Center)
Non-local transport properties of an excitonic insulator
15.12.2017 Eric Andrade
(São Paulo)
Cluster-glass phase in dirty XY pyrochlores
05.01.2018 Santanu Dey Quenched bond disorder in non-collinear magnets
12.01.2018 Georg Börner Bogoliubov Fermi tubes and surface states in multiband superconductors
19.01.2018 Hong-Hao Tu Universal entropy of conformal critical theories on a Klein bottle
26.01.2018 Anton Zlotnikov
Majorana states and nontrivial topology in the coexistence phase of chiral d-wave superconductivity and noncollinear magnetism
20.02.2018 Christoph de Beule
Confined quantum systems in topological insulator heterostructures
23.02.2018 Dennis Schubert
The Hofstadter Problem and the functional Bethe ansatz

SUMMER Semester 2017

Date Speaker Topic

Shouryya Ray

Magnetism and Charge Carrier Dynamics in Bilayer Iridates
21.04.2017 Michael Streif
Measuring correlations of cold-atom systems using multiple quantum probes
28.04.2017 Heike Eisenlohr
Reduced Density-Matrix Functionals from Green's Functions


Victor Vakaryuk
(APS Ridge)
Physical Review B: An inside look
12.05.2017 Chris Koschenz Mixed Magnetic Phases in Mean Field Theory
19.05.2017 Markus Garst Symmetry breaking, slow relaxation dynamics, and topological defects at the field-induced helix reorientation in MnSi
26.05.2017 Stefan Rex
(NTNU Trondheim)
Magnetoelectric effects at a topological insulator surface
02.06.2017 Christoph Karrasch
(FU Berlin)
Transport in quasiperiodic interacting systems: from superdiffusion to subdiffusion

Ronny Thomale

Topolectrical circuits
23.06.2017 Urban Seifert Metals with Kitaev interactions
07.07.2017 Lukas Janssen Heisenberg-Kitaev model in a magnetic field: Spin canting, metamagnetism, and vortex crystals
14.07.2017 Tobias Meng

The gravity of Weyl

11.08.2017 Wilhelm Krüger Magneto-Leitfähigkeit von Weyl-Halbmetallen
25.09.2017 Oguz Türker (TU München) Topological nodal surface metals


Debanjan Chowdhury
Mixed-valence insulators with neutral Fermi surfaces
15.09.2017 Konstantin Nestmann Zeitlokale Mastergleichung mit Kohärenzen zu beliebiger Ordnung: Reihenentwicklungen und Konvergenz

Oleg Tretiakov
(Tohoku University)

Skyrmions and Other Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Spin Textures

Winter Semester 2016/17

Date Speaker Topic

Andreas Eberlein 

Transport at the Ising-nematic quantum critical point in two-dimensional metals

Björn Trauzettel

Exotic physics at the quantum spin Hall edge
04.11.2016 Carsten Timm Inflated nodes in multiband superconductors
11.11.2016 Matthias Punk
(LMU München)
Spin liquid phases and transitions in Heisenberg-Kitaev models on the triangular lattice
18.11.2016 Markus Heyl
Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions: Scaling and universality

Michael Scherer

Kekulé quantum criticality: fermion induced & gauge-field assisted


Philip Brydon (Univ. of Otago)

Cooper pairing beyond singlet and triplet

Raphael Goll
(LMU München)

Phase Segregation in Two Dimensional Binary Particle Mixtures
16.12.2016 X-mas party


Matthias Vojta Dimensional reduction in frustrated critical antiferromagnets
27.01.2017 Laura Köhler Topological domain walls and Landau-Peierls instability in helimagnets


Junichi Iwasaki
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Deformation of Skyrmion Crystal under Strain
17.02.2017 Jan Wichmann Expanding many-body Green functions using Chebyshev polynomials
03.03.2017 Fabian Köhler Weyl-Semimetalle mit gekrümmten Oberflächen
07.03.2017 Madelynn Nayga
Green's functions and energy eigenvalues in space-fractional quantum
systems with Dirac delta perturbation

Summer Semester 2016

Date Speaker Topic


Urban Seifert
(Cambridge, UK)
Persisting spin correlations in the central spin model


Mike Zhitomirksy
Order from quenched disorder: Impurities in frustrated magnets
15.04.2016 Carsten Timm Flat bands at surfaces of noncentrosymmetric superconductors and their instabilities


Alexander L. Chernyshev
(UC Irvine)
Quantum order-by-disorder and excitations in kagome-lattice magnets
22.04.2016 Markus Garst Mott criticality in the organic charge-transfer salts \kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2X
13.05.2016 Sebastian Wolf (Bayreuth) Inter-type superconductivity, shallow bands and exotic vortex configurations
20.05.2016 Santanu Dey
Instabilities of repulsive fermions in a biased bilayer honeycomb lattice
27.05.2016 --- GRK workshop
03.06.2016 Dirk Morr
Non-equilibrium Transport in Topological Superconductors
10.06.2016 Lukas Janssen Spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry in QED3
24.06.2016 Stephan Rachel Breaking Bad in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model


Harley Scammell (Sydney) & 
Yaroslav Kharkov (Sydney)

Quantum criticality and asymptotic freedom of magnons in TlCuCl3 &

Bose-Kondo problem in a 3D quantum critical magnet

08.07.2016 Angelo Pidatella Thermal transport in a two-dimensional Z2 spin liquid


Chris Koeschenz &
Harald Jeschke (Frankfurt)


15.07.2016 Sebastian Riese Constructing Topological Phases in 4D
09.08.2016 Tyler Hewitt
(Kent, UK)
Low-dimensional quantum magnetism of anisotropic Heisenberg models


Ankita Bhattacharya
(University of Hyderabad)
Scattering from Quantum scatterers
30.09.2016 Ilja Göthel Topological phases on the honeycomb lattice and their local detection

Winter Semester 2015/16

Date Speaker Topic
6.10.2015 Philipp Weiß (KIT) Interference of quantum critical excitations and soft diffusive modes in a disordered antiferromagnetic metal
16.10.2015 Stefan Rex
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Coulomb interaction in topological insulator-ferromagnet interfaces
23.10.2015 Angelo Pidatella
Ab initio study of defect-induced magnetism in graphene
30.10.2015 Kevin Seja Transport through nanostructures and the time-convolutionless master equation
03.11.2015 Eric Andrade
(Sao Paulo)
Magnetic moments and non-Fermi liquid behavior in quasicrystals
13.11.2015 Gediminas Kirsanskas
(Lund University)
Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in phase-biased superconductor-quantum dot-superconductor junctions
20.11.2015 Markus Heyl (TU München) Measuring multipartite entanglement via dynamic susceptibilities
27.11.2015 Tobias Meng Coupled-wire constructions: New insights into the physics of interacting topological systems in two and three dimension (and beyond)
11.12.2015 Matthias Vojta Kondo impurities in the Kitaev spin liquid
X-mas party ---
08.01.2016 --- SFB winter workshop
22.01.2016 Alexander Lau
(IFW Dresden)
Topological Edge States with Zero Hall Conductivity in a Dimerized Hofstadter Model
26.01.2016 Jyotirmoy Roy
Study of strongly correlated materials using two-site dynamical mean-field theory
29.01.2016 Martin Thuemmler Bachelor talk
05.02.2016 Florian Rasch Excitation spectra of strongly disordered Heisenberg spin chains
Silas Flöter Bachelor talk
Christoph Berke Mean-field phase diagram for magnetic order on the pyrochlore lattice

Summer Semester 2015

Date Speaker Topic
17.04.2015 Mark Steudtner Mean-field phases of the Kagome Kondo-Heisenberg model
12.05.2015 Stephan Rachel Topological Mott Insulators
02.06.2015 Philipp Strack
(Uni Köln)
New strange metal at the onset of FFLO inhomogeneous superconductivity in two dimensions
12.06.2015 --- SFB spring workshop
19.06.2015 Andrey Bolotnikov
(Uni Düsseldorf)
Current-induced forces in graphene nanostructures
26.06.2015 Kirill Shtengel
(UC Riverside)
Anyonics: Designing exotic circuitry with non-Abelian anyons
07.07.2015 Jyotisman Sahoo (Bhubaneswar) Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic interactions on a spin-1/2 breathing pyrochlore lattice
Balazs Gulacsi (Budapest) From Floquet to Dicke: Quantum spin-Hall insulator in quantized electromagnetic field
17.07.2015 Sayandip Ghosh
(Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
Electronic structure, spin excitations, and orbital ordering in a three-orbital model for iron pnictides
21.07.2015 Tim Ludwig Transport and order in a charge-charge-interacting monolayer
24.07.2015 Eugen Wolf Mobile vacancy in non-collinear magnets

Winter Semester 2014/15

Date Speaker Topic
Florian Gerhardt Bachelor Talk
14.10.2014 Manuel Laubach (Würzburg) Nonmagnetic insulators in hexagonal lattice models
17.10.2014 Matthias Vojta Theory of heavy fermions: Problem (un)solved?
04.11.2014 Adolfo G. Grushin (MPI-PKS) Stability of Chern and Fractional Chern insulators
07.11.2014 Alexia Rod Spin texture of generic helical edge states
14.11.2014 Oleksiy Kashuba Topological Kondo Effect in Transport through a Superconducting Wire with Multiple Majorana End States
21.11.2014 Alexei Vagov
Multi-band superconductors: between the types I and II
28.11.2014 Tim Ludwig Electronic transport in 2d charge-charge interacting monolayers
05.12.2014 Lars Fritz
Frustrated spins on the Swedenborgite lattice: spin liquids, order-by-disorder, and disorder-by-disorder
18.12.2014 X-mas party ---
09.01.2015 Dmitri Efremov
(IFW Dresden)
Time-Reversal Broken Chiral Superconducting Phase Driven by Electronic Correlations in a Single TiSe2 Layer
16.01.2015 --- SFB Kick-off meeting
30.01.2015 Jan-Erik Wichmann Bachelor talk
06.02.2015 Andre Fischer
(IFW Dresden)
Spin Density Waves and Superconductivity in Triangular Lattices at Van Hove Filling
27.02.2015 Konstantin Nestmann Bachelor talk
06.03.2015 Jongbae Hong
(POSTECH and APCTP, Pohang, Korea)
Universal tunnelling conductance formula for strongly correlated materials
23.03.2015 Sebastian Huber (ETH Zürich) Observation of phononic helical edge states in a mechanical `topological insulator'
24.03.2015 Lukas Janssen (Simon Fraser University) Quadratic Band Touching Points in 3D: NFL phase vs. topological Mott instability

Summer Semester 2014

Date Speaker Topic
26.03.2014 Johannes Mierau Behaviour of an antiferromagnetic dimer-monomer-chain in a magnetic field
11.04.2014 Pier Paolo Baruselli Kondo holes in topological Kondo insulators
06.05.2014, 13:00  Johannes Reuther (CALTECH)   A functional renormalization-group approach for frustrated quantum spin-systems
06.05.2014, 14:50 Philip Brydon
(Univ. of Maryland)
Odd-parity superconductivity from phonons
16.05.2014 Patrik Recher (TU Braunschweig)  Detection of spin entanglement via spin-charge separation in crossed Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids
06.06.2014 Tobias Meng (University of Basel) Fractionalizing a quantum wire
27.06.2014 Martin Langer Bachelor talk
Salvatore Croce (Aquila) Effects of electron-hole asymmetry near the Dirac point in graphene
04.07.2014 Andisheh Khedri (Uni Bonn) Equilibrium Renormalization Group for Quantum Dots in a Photon Field
18.07.2014 Subhro Bhattacharjee (MPI-PKS) Weak and strong coupling topological phases in Hyperhoneycomb Iridates

Winter Semester 2013/2014

Date Speaker Topic
Peter Young
(UC Santa Cruz)
Is there a de Almeida-Thouless line in finite-dimensional spin glasses?
(and why you should care)
18.10.2013 Alexia Rod Commensurate and incommensurate fillings of the extended Bose-Hubbard model
25.10.2013 Oleksiy Kashuba Coherent dynamics and quenches in dissipative quantum systems
08.11.2013 Paolo Michetti Story of a HgTe double quantum well - is two better than one?
15.11.2013 Darshan Joshi 1/d expansion for coupled-dimer magnets
29.11.2013 Jacob Schmiedt Superconducting pairing in presence of a spin-density-wave for iron pnictides
03.12.2013    Thomas L. Schmidt
Transport properties of helical one-dimensional systems
10.12.2013    Benedikt Bruognolo
(LMU München)
Critical phenomena of the two-channel spin-boson model
20.12.2013 X-mas party  
17.01.2014 Alexander Lau Topological surface states in paramagnetic, antiferromagnetic, and superconducting iron pnictides
28.01.2014 Stefan Jürgens Plasmons due to the interplay of Dirac and Schrödinger fermions
31.01.2014 Fabian Zschocke Bond randomness in Kitaev's honeycomb model
21.02.2014 Sebastian Riese Bachelor talk

Summer Semester 2013

Date Speaker Topic
12.04.2013 Eric Andrade Competing Magnetic Anisotropies and Multicriticality:
The case of Co-doped YbRh2Si2
19.04.2013 Mihailo Cubrovic
Toward the phase diagram of holographic fermions
03.05.2013 Hong-Hao Tu    
(MPI Garching)
Infinite Matrix Product States from Conformal Field Theory
10.05.2013 Matthias Vojta Heavy-Fermion Superconductivity From Local Spin Fluctuations
17.05.2013 R. Ganesh
Frustrated magnetism on the honeycomb lattice
31.05.2013 Junya Otsuki
Dynamical mean-field approach to non-local exchange interactions
Philipp Gegenwart
Search for novel topological states in Iridates
(Graduiertenkolleg seminar)
13.06.2013 Matthias Gohlke
1D model for nonlinear phonon propagation in ferroelectrics
14.06.2013 Michael Potthoff
The Kondo-vs.-RKKY quantum box
20.06.2013 Bogdan Galilo
Weyl fermions in Semimetals
21.06.2013 Maxim Breitkreiz Negative transport times due to anisotropic interband scattering
28.06.2013 Kevin Seja /
Paul Timme /
Mark Steudtner
Bachelor talks
16.07.2013 Ronny Thomale
The quest of the Kagome Hubbard model

Winter Semester 2012/2013

Date Speaker Topic
19.10.2012 Markus Heyl Dynamical quantum phase transitions in the Ising model
26.10.2012 Bjorn Zocher
Crossed Andreev reflection and noise through Majorana bound states
02.11.2012 Jacob A. Schmiedt Co-existing and competing orders in the pnictides
09.11.2012 Eugen Wolf Phonon drag thermopower in graphene
16.11.2012 Arnab Sen (MPI-PKS) Spin textures and their interactions in Coulomb spin liquids
30.11.2012 Stephan Rachel Broken axial spin symmetry in topological insulators
07.12.2012 Ioannis Rousochatzakis
Quantum magnetism on the Cairo pentagonal lattice
18.01.2013 Mikhail Pletyukhov
(RWTH Aachen)
Real-time renormalization group studies of quantum impurity models
25.01.2013 Peter Schmitteckert
Electronic transport through impurities: finite size vs. finite time effects
29.01.2013 Peter P. Orth
Emergent critical phase and Ricci flow in a 2D frustrated Heisenberg model
01.02.2013 Philip Brydon Zero-energy flat bands in noncentrosymmetric superconductors
08.02.2013 Martin Zwiebler Kondo effect in disordered graphene

Summer Semester 2012

Date Speaker Topic
10.04.2012 Robert Bamler
(LMU München)
Simulation of Quantum Lattice Systems with the Tensor Renormalization Group
13.04.2012 Thomas Brumme Spin-dependent electron transport in helical structures
20.04.2012 Pier Paolo Baruselli
Kondo anomalies from first principles
27.04.2012 Georges Bouzerar
(Institut Néel)
Unified picture and nanoscale inhomogeneities effects in diluted magnetic semiconductors
04.05.2012 Eric Andrade Magnetic excitations in disordered striped antiferromagnetic insulators
Führung Der Dresdner Maya-Codex
25.05.2012 Ronny Thomale
A Kohn Luttinger perspective on topological superconductivity
08.06.2012 Guichao Hu Rectification in diblock co-oligomer diodes
12.06.2012 Jan Kunes
Electronic correlations in the vicinity of spin state transitions
15.06.2012 Darshan Joshi
(IISER Pune)
Revisiting resistive transitions in one-dimensional superconductors with exact solutions
22.06.2012 Johannes Knolle
Dynamic of Spin Correlations in an Exactly Solvable Spin Liquid
06.07.2012 Fabian Zschocke
Néel to valence bond solid order in two dimensional quantum system
07.08.2012 George B. Martins
Electrostatic control over polarized currents through spin-orbital Kondo effect

Winter Semester 2011/2012

Date Speaker Topic
21.10.2011 Lars Fritz
Topological insulators in magnetic fields :
Quantum Hall effect and edge channels with non-quantized θ-term
28.10.2011 Carsten Timm Random matrix master equations
04.11.2011 Stefan Lange Random matrix theory for the Lindbald master equation
11.11.2011 Matthias Vojta Cubic interactions and quantum criticality in dimerized antiferromagnets
15.11.2011 PHY/D016 Indranil Paul
(Institut Néel, CNRS)
Spin-lattice coupling effects in the iron based superconductors
18.11.2011 Agnieszka
Transport through the molecular junction : Master equation approach
25.11.2011 Alexander Wollny Single vacancy in non-collinear antiferromagnets
06.12.2011 Stefanos Kourtis
Fractional quantum Hall states in lattice models and their realization due to multiple orbitals
Robert Biele
(San Sebastian)
Stochastic Thermal Relaxation of Open Quantum Systems
06.01.2012 Daniel Scherer
Low-Dimensional Chiral Physics: Gross-Neveu Universality and Magnetic Catalysis
13.01.2012 Sabine Andergassen
(RWTH Aachen)
Interplay of Coulomb interaction and spin-orbit effects in multi-level quantum dots
20.01.2012 Philip Brydon Topology and edge states of non-centrosymmetric superconductors
27.01.2012 Imke Schneider Spectral properties in non-linear Luttinger liquids
03.02.2012 V. K. Dugaev
(MLU Halle)
Spin Hall effect and spin pumping in two-dimensional systems with random Rashba spin-orbit interaction
07.02.2012 Yasir Iqbal
Competing spin-disordered phases of spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the Kagome lattice
14.02.2012 14:00
Andrew G. Green
(UC London)
Quantum order-by-disorder near criticality and the secret of partial order in MnSi
17.02.2012 Juon Osorio
Transport properties of a Rashba metal

Summer Semester 2011

Date Speaker Topic
08.04.2011 Jacob Schmiedt Doping dependence of antiferromagnetism in the pnictides
15.04.2011 Andreas Schnyder (MPI Stuttgart) Gapless topological phase in semi-metals and superconductors
26.04.2011 François Crépin (Université Paris Sud) Bose-Fermi mixtures in a 1D disordered potential
29.04.2011 Eric Andrade Impurity driven order in gapped magnets
13.05.2011 Philip Brydon Unconventional Josephson effects in triplet superconductor-ferromagnet junctions
20.05.2011 Imke Schneider Excitation spectra of antiferromagnetic molecular nanomagnets
27.05.2011 Tim Ludwig Interference in transport through benzene molecules
24.06.2011 Frank Pollmann Topological phases in 1D: an entanglement point of view
01.07.2011 B. Sriram Shastry
(UC Santa Cruz)
Extreme Electronic Correlations and Photoemission in High-Tc Systems
08.07.2011 Thomas Brumme On some properties of molecules on surfaces
12.07.2011 Zohar Nussinov
(St. Louis)
Orbital orders and orbital-order-driven quantum criticality
15.07.2011 Adel Benlagra Finite-temperature quasiparticle interference in Kondo lattices
09.08.2011 Gregor Hannappel
(St. Andrews)
The Role of Fluctuations Near a Charge Density Wave Quantum Critical Point

Winter Semester 2010/2011

Date Speaker Topic
15.10.2010 Philip Brydon Magnetism and Superconductivity in LiFeAs
22.10.2010 Matthias Vojta Why cuprates are exciting
29.10.2010 Carsten Timm Molecular Spintronics and the Master Equation
05.11.2010 Imke Schneider The local density of states of interacting fermions in one dimension
12.11.2010 Jong Han Quantum Simulation of Strongly Correlated Quantum Dots Out of Equilibrium
19.11.2010 Eric Andrade Quantum ripples in strongly correlated metals
23.11.2010 Konrad Müller Ferromagnetism in wide-gap magnetic semiconductors
26.11.2010 Jaromir Krzyszczak Is there a possibility to explain inhomogeneities observed in superconductors by the means of the Boson-Fermion model?
03.12.2010 Javier Francisco Nossa Marquez Spin-electric coupling in the Cu_3 single-molecule magnet
10.12.2010 Bogusz Bujnowski Triplet Josephson Junction with a finite magnetic barrier
17.12.2010 Darko Tanaskovic The cluster DMFT solution of the Anderson lattice model
14.01.2011 Björn Zocher
(Uni Leipzig)
Excitonic Spin-Density Waves in Semi Metals
21.01.2011 Adel Benlagra Low temperature scales in a Kondo lattice with two inequivalent local moments

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