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Boysen-TU Dresden-Autumn School 2024

Scientific Exploration of the Green Hydrogen Future

As the world struggles with energy and climate crises, green hydrogen is a revolutionary solution that has the potential to completely change the energy system and support a sustainable future. A considerable aspect of the current energy transition is the production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources, which in turn helps mitigate the environmental impacts of conventional approaches.

Green hydrogen serves as a key energy carrier in addressing challenges related to energy security and climate change. Its versatility in applications, from industrial processes to transportation and energy production, makes it a key player in diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. However, the path to widespread adoption is fraught with challenges, including production, import, transportation, and usage issues. The Autumn School aims to delve deeper into these areas and explore innovative technologies and solutions that can contribute to the development of the green hydrogen sector.

It is important to take into account that green hydrogen has an impact not only on technological aspects, but on social issues as well. Discussions concerning society's involvement in the development of green hydrogen are vital. To ensure that this innovative technology is integrated smoothly, it is imperative to comprehend the sociological factors, such as public acceptance, perception, and the impact of science communication. By encouraging a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the connection between technology and society, the Autumn School aims to bridge the gap between the courses, with a focus on technological and sociological issues.

The autumn school mainly concentrates on “the future of green hydrogen” based on four different hydrogen value chains: Production, Transport, Usage, Impact.

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