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„An image tells more than one thousand words“

Maps are partners of human beings since their early days. They assist us to develop a concept of our world, but in the same time they obviously influence our view of the world. Recent concepts of a map see it as a visual interface in the analysis of geo-data and as a media for (carto-)graphic communication of spatial phenomena. Research and education at the Institute of Cartography under the direction of Professor Dirk Burghardt is positioned between classical cartography and interactive geo-visualisation. The staff of the Institute of Cartography offers modules for the bachelor programmes „Geodesy und Geo-information” and „Geography“. Cartographic specialisation is based on our modules for the master programme “Geoinformation Technology” and the English-taught international Erasmus+ master programme “Cartography”. The latter is a joint programme of TU München, TU Wien, TU Dresden and Twente University.

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