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The Professorship Limnology (Aquatic Ecology)


The professorship limnology is, within the department of hydrosciences, responsible for the complete field of aquatic ecology. main topics are biodiversity, ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms, effects of anthropogenic stressors, interrelationships between organisms and ecosystem services and functions. Our research activities are cross-linked to other departments of the faculty environmental sciences and cooperation partners in Germany, Europe and the World.


The professorship limnology belongs to the department of hydro sciences and the faculty of environmental sciences:

School of Construction and Environment
    Faculty of Environmental Sciences
        Department of Hydrosciences
            Institute of Hydrobiology
                Professorship Limnology


Our institute is located in the Drude-Bau, Zellescher Weg 40, 01217 Dresden.

A map can be found in the Campusnavigator.