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In research and teaching, the Research Group Digital Health deals with the analysis, design and maintenance of operational information systems - primarily in the healthcare sector. As an analysis tool, we use established methods of system development, such as modeling, which we develop further as holistic management tools.

The focus of our research and development activities is on the theoretical foundation, design and optimization of complex information systems, which can for example be found in integrated care, patient-oriented and process-oriented information system design. The focus of our research and development work lies in the design- and engineering-oriented problem solving of business information challenges, the generation of evidence on digital health care solutions, as well as the theoretical foundation and reflection of complex design decisions. It is our goal in research to keep the balance between theory and technology, while adding value to research and practice through both practical relevance and scientific rigor. In turn, the theories and technologies developed can be used in a variety of application areas.

The Research Group Digital Health is also involved in various professional associations and is, among others, an active member of the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), Business Information Systems Modeling Group (FG-MobIS) as well as the Expert Group Digital Health (FG-DH) of the Society for Informatics e.V. With our expertise, we continue to be involved in numerous collaborative and third-party funded projects at the level of the European Union, the DFG (German Research Community), the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and BMG (Federal Ministry of Health).

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