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Chair for Space Systems

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Chair for Space Systems


Prof. Dr. Martin Tajmar


From Space to Everyday Life – Technologies for and from Space

Space … is the technology driver for high-tech developments: smaller, lighter, more efficient and extremely energy-efficient are not only buzz-words but the usual requirements in every space project. Our space systems chair offers a fundemental research and education programme from the basics of space and satellite technology towards scientific payloads and experiments. Projects are carried out together with students that are later flown into space (e.g. on our own satellites, sounding rockets or even on the international space station ISS).

Our research focuses on new and innovative propulsion systems (e.g. miniaturised ion thrusters, plug nozzles), energy-systems and miniaturised gas sensors. We also work together with industry on terrestrial Spin-Offs of our space technologies. Basic research on revolutionary concepts („Breakthrough Propulsion Physics“) towards the spaceship of the future is also part of our activities.

Working in space... is fun!


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