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Divison of Musicology


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  • Logo Gastvorträge und Veranstaltungen © Carolin Thiele

    Aug 22, 2016

    03. Oktober 2016, 17 Uhr Lukaskirche Gastkonzert Universitetet Symfoniorkester, Oslo

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  • Logo Gastvorträge und Veranstaltungen © Carolin Thiele

    Sep 22, 2016

    18.10.2016 - Dr. Uri Rom : "Transcending the Linear Model – Musical Punctuation as an Indicator of Intact/Disrupt Musical Temporality"

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  • Zettelkasten © CC 2.0

    Sep 26, 2016

    CSL-Script für Literaturverwaltung verfügbar (Richtlinien Historische Musikwissenschaft)

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Musicology at TU Dresden

Music, Mind & Culture

The Division of Musicology teaches and investigates the complex phenomenon of music from multiple perspectives. It integrates innovative approaches from the fields of music cognition, music history, cultural studies, music semiotics and music psychology.

The division consists of two chairs:

  • Chair of Theory of Music/History of Music "Music, Culture and Meaning"
  • Chair of Systematic Musicology with a focus on Music Cognition: "Dresden Music Cognition Lab"

For more information about the Division of Musicology, please see here.