Prof. Dr. Werner Esswein

Porträt Werner Esswein

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  • Visitors:
    Schumann-Bau, Münchner Platz
    B-Flügel, Zi. 236
  • Visiting hours: by arrangement
  • Telephone: +49 (0)351 463-32354
  • Telefax: +49 (0)351 463-37203
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For queries regarding the following lectures

  • Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Wissenschaftstheoretische Grundlagen
  • Prozess- und Qualitätsmanagement
  • Entwicklung von IT-Systemen
  • Modellgestütztes Management
  • Forschungsseminar

Research focus

  • Model-Based Management:
    Theories of Conceptual Modelling and Reference Modelling and their application in the areas of Management Systems, Enterprise Architectures and Continuous Process Improvement
  • Tool Support for Enterprise Modelling:
    Method Engineering, Software Engineering and Software Ergonomics (iCubetto)
  • Application-oriented Research:
    Conceptual Modelling in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Machinery Construction, Energy Management
  • Model-Based Evaluation Approaches:
    Impact Evaluation of Technical Systems and their Applications
  • Management, and Modelling and IT Support in the Health Care Sector


  • German Informatics Society (GI)
    • Member of the Department of Information Systems
  • Chair of the Executive Committee of the Special Interest Group on Modelling Business Information Systems (SIGMoBIS)
  • Member of the Leadership commitee of WI-Fachgruppe MoBIS
  • Local board of German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV)
  • Vice Chairman of the supervisory council of "Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH" (CCS)
  • Chief of subproject “Model-based method for evaluation of possible solutions in planning and realisation, especially concerning thermo-energetic, qualitative and economic aspects” in the Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 96 


  • Vice Chair of the examination commission (Prüfungsausschuss) for the diploma courses WI/WIng/WIpäd, bachelor courses WiWi/WIng/WInf and master courses
  • Member of the Faculty Council