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The Laboratory for Measurement and Sensor System Techniques (MST) is dedicated to research and teaching in systems technology. Holistic systemic approaches to the design of sensors and measurements are pursued. Applications in biomedicine (health), process and production engineering (energy and environment), aerospace (mobility), automation and control (security) as well as information systems (communication) are aimed for. Fundamentally, systems are the entirety of related elements which are outwardly organized as a defined structure.
At the chair MST, novel systems utilizing coherent electromagnetic and utrasound waves are realized involving a cooperation network. Outstanding research has been done in adaptive optics and wavefront control. Using adaptive lenses, novel microscopes for the investigation of thyroid glands of transgenic organisms have been developed. In-situ 3d shape measurement with keyhole access in machine tools have been carried out, enabling 100 % quality control. The realized ultrasound-based systems allow for flow measurements in liquid semiconductors, whereby new insights into crystallization processes (photovoltaics) were gained.

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