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Paradigm changes on Computational Metrology of the Laboratory MST:
- Field programmable system-on-chip based control system for real-time distortion correction in optical imaging (low-latency adaptive optics)
- Smart aberration correction microscopy with adaptive lenses for zebrafish studies
- 3D measurements in smart microscopy and microfluidics using helical wavefronts
- Imaging through thick scattering tissue (skull of mice)
- Lensless computational endoscopy for cancer studies
- Holographic stimulation for in-vitro investigations of human induced pluripotent stem cell derived neural networks
- High speed holographic interferometry for sound and flame tomography
- Adaptive optical image correction for flow measurements, e.g. of fuel cells
- In process non-destructive testing for high-speed fiber reinforced plastics
- Computational ultrasound imaging for monitoring industrial processes
and medical diagnostics
- Physical layer security with spatial light modulators in optical communication

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