MOST - Marrying Ontology and Software Technology

MOST is an acronym for Marrying Ontology and Software Technology. The goal of MOST is to integrate ontology technology into the software development arena: its entities, its models and its processes. MOST is an European project with partners in Germany, Poland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Our group is mainly involved in two work packages: WP2 (Guidance for the Software Process) and WP3 (Reasoning Technology).

  • WP2 aims at integrating ontology technology into tools to provide for support to developers in managing the software processes.
  • WP3 aims at developing techniques for scalable reasoning, in particular for reasoning on integrated ontology-software models.
  • Gefördert von: EU FP7
  • Kontaktperson: Uwe Aßmann
  • Webseite des Projekts: link
  • Projektlaufzeit: 02/2008 bis 04/2011

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