ZESSY - Entwurf Zukünftiger Eingebetteter Systeme

Cyber-physical systems are self-regulating complex systems comprised of interconnected virtual and physical systems. In the near future, such systems will become more and more pervasive. That is, large amounts of interconnected distributed systems are spread over the world with growing density and coverage. This new type of complex system poses the need for novel engineering techniques for the virtual part (software engineering) and the physical part. In Zessy/QualiTune we focus on novel software engineering techniques for the development of physical systems. Our research includes the modelling, verification and testing of non-functional requirements (i.e., qualities), such as Safety, Real-Time, Energy Consumption and Sustainability. Zessy/QualiTune is part of the ResUbic Research Cluster at TU Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science.

  • Gefördert von: ESF
  • Kontaktperson: Claas Wilke
  • Webseite des Projekts: link
  • Projektlaufzeit: 11/2010 bis 10/2013

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