Delta modeling is an approach to handling variability in a family of similar yet different software applications, which can handle variability of functionality, evolution and end user customization uniformely. Currently, delta modeling faces the problem that the majority of delta languages is built upon proprietary data models, which results in extensive work when making a source language delta-aware and having to create required tooling manually. Overview of Custom Delta Language Generation with Delta Ecore Delta Ecore provides delta modeling on basis of the structured data models conforming to meta models specified in EMF Ecore. The approach allows reuse of many shared functions accross different models, such as variant derivation, topological sorting of delta modules etc. As Ecore comes with a variatey of tools to for textual and graphical languages, a model representation of a variety of languages can be created easily. Using DeltaEcore, data models, textual languages and graphical notations can be enriched by delta-based variability swiftly. All that is needed is a specification of a language dialect for DeltaEcore's Common Base Delta Language, which can be generated in large parts.

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