AMOSY - Adaptive Mobile Systeme

Nowadays most of the functions in construction machines are driver controlled. Even if the machine is driven by an worker with a high level of training and experience the work tasks are not performed optimally. An increasing tiredness of the driver during operation or insufficient comprehension of the process are only two reasons. Using (partly) automated features improves machine efficiency. Considering the complexity of system descriptions with a rising amount of processed data and the limited resources of the control units in the construction machines, calculations have to be outsourced. This is particularly the case when services like optimised path planning or parameter identification for analytic digging force models should be executed. With a suitable architecture it becomes possible to stepwise integrate automation starting from assistance functions to full automation.

The central research goals of this project is the step from the hardware in the loop test bench to the machine. Therefore the implemented concept from the project SmartLoader is installed and tested on the 24t wheel loader from the "Institut für Fluidtechnik". The challenges are the verification and validation of the concepts on the machine and one complete automated loading cycle should work as a result.

  • Gefördert von: SAB
  • Kontaktperson: Sebastian Werner
  • Projektlaufzeit: 08/2017 bis 12/2018

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