Vorlesungen an anderen Lehrstühlen

More formal/mathematical

  • "Sicherheit auf der Übertragungsschicht" (Physical layer security) is a lecture given by the chair TNT (Theoretische Nachrichtentechnik) at the EE faculty. Starting off with the notion of information theoretic security, it introduces physical concepts that aim to achieve security, like the wiretap channel and key agreement based on channel characteristics.
  • Model checking is a lecture offered by the chair of Algebraic and Logical Foundations (Prof. Baier). It does not directly address security, but rather safety and robustness, and introduces you to a set of tools that can be used to assess the actual properties of implemented systems and protocols.

More applied/practical

  • Trusted hardware and secure boot are introduced in the lecture "Software Fault Tolerance" at the chair for System Engineering (Prof. Fetzer). Within this context, the lecture also introduces taint analysis, a tool to analyse software for leaks and breaches, and techniques for secure software implementation, which help you to avoid implementing insecure code that is vulnerable to buffer overflows.
  • The operating systems chair offers the lecture "distributed operating systems", which emphasises the OS aspects of security: it digs deeper into the formal concepts of access control, introduces sandboxing as a security measure on the OS level, and also explains the foundations of trusted hardware and secure boot.
  • The chair for computer networks also gives an introduction into the general security services in their lecture on Distributed Systems. The focus here are networked/Web applications, and the especially confidentiality and authentication services for this environment are explained.

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