The following people were members of the Systems Engineering Group at TU Dresden:

Name Current Position
Dr.-Ing. Gert Pfeifer Gert Pfeifer is now working for Lufthansa Group.
Dr.-Ing. Zbigniew Jerzak Zbigniew Jerzak is currently a member of the Data Management & Analytics team at SAP Research Dresden.
Dr.-Ing. Andrey Brito Dr.-Ing. Andrey Brito
Professor Adjunto
Laboratório de Sistemas Distribuídos
Departamento de Sistemas e Computação
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Rua Aprígio Veloso, 882, Bloco CO, Bodocongó
CEP 58.429-900, Campina Grande, PB, Brasil
Tel.: +55 83 2101 1433
Fax: +55 83 2101 1498
Dr.-Ing. Ute Schiffel (geb. Wappler) Since February 2011 Ute Schiffel is at the School of Computer Science of Reykjavík University working at the verification of safety transformations.

Dr.-Ing. Torvald Riegel

Torvald Riegel is now working for Red Hat.

MSc. Inf. Marc Brünink Marc Brünink is now at the National University of Singapore.
Dipl. Inf. Stephan Creutz  
Dipl. Inf. Robert Fach Robert Fach is now working for Robotron.
Dr.-Ing. Martin Süßkraut Martin Süßkraut is now working for SIListra.
Dipl. Medieninf. André Schmitt André Schmitt is now working for SIListra.
Dipl. Inf. Stephan Diestelhorst Stephan Diestelhorst is now working for ARM.
M.Sc. Peter Odhiambo Okech  
Dipl. Inf. Stefan Weigert Stefan Weigert is now working for Lovoo.
M.Sc. Diogo Behrens Diogo Behrens is now working for Lovoo.
M.Sc. Sebastian Ertel Sebastian Ertel is now working for Chair for Compiler Construction.
Dr. Jons-Tobias Wamhoff  
Lenar Yazdanov Lenar is now working for Cloud&Heat
Dipl.-Inf. Frank Busse Frank now works at the Software Reliability Group, Imperial College London
Katja Tietze  

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Knauth

Thomas now (06/2017) works at Intel Labs, Hillsboro, OR, USA

M.Sc. Thordis Kombrink


M.Sc. Frezewd Lemma Tena

M.Sc. Dmitrii Kuvaiskii  
Sergei Arnautov  

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